Making the Cut – Cover reveal

MakingTheCut final cover

Hey there everybody!

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now I have a snazzy new cover for Making the Cut which I am in love with, a huge thanks to Mayhem Cover Creations for doing such a great job! This is very exciting and the cover reveal for Book Two is to follow later on this week. I just wanted to address something before I get all excited about Brock and Amy’s story. As many of you know, Making the Cut was temporarily taken off Amazon to be re-edited and refreshed. It has come to my attention that somehow some readers have still been getting the old version, which sucks. I am currently in communication with Amazon about this and they have assured me that this little problem has been fixed. I have my fingers and toes crossed this is the case. I apologise to anyone who did receive the wrong version, I understand you should be able to update it in the ‘Manage My Kindle’ section of your Amazon account. If anyone is still receiving the wrong version, please don’t hesitate to give me an email, as I would love to know asap so I can ensure your Gwen and Cade reading experience is at its very best.

That’s all I’ve got to say for now, but I will be posting news about Book Two in the Sons of Templar series later this week, watch this space.




2 thoughts on “Making the Cut – Cover reveal

  1. Greetings Ms. Malcom,
    I just finished reading Making the Cut and was blown away! You are definitely now at the top of my list for MC writers. The characters were incredible and it was great to finally see a leading lady (and best friend) that seem to represent how a “real woman” would feel and react to Alpha males. Gwen and Amy are no shrinking violets and stand their ground even when it means ruffling a few Alpha feathers. To put the icing on the cake Cade and Brock react realistically to their feisty females and it makes them all seem much more human and believable. The plot was great and not once did I get bored with the story and feel like I needed to skip pages to move things along.
    I absolutely LOVE this book and can not wait for Amy and Brocks story to be released. I also look forward to seeing what happens with Rosie and Luke, perhaps a love match for Bull and Gwen’s baby Doctor and of course sweet Lucky needs a HEA too.
    Thank you for continuing to write and share the Sons of Templar with the rest of us!
    Sheila Mintz


    1. Hi Sheila
      Wow, what a lovely message you have written me, you have made my day 🙂
      Thank you so much for taking the time to make such lovely comments on the book, I’m glad it engaged you and you felt a connection to the characters.
      I’m happy to tell you I just posted some news about book two, which is entitled Firestorm.
      Rosie, Bull and Lucky will all be getting their stories told, I already have plans for them 🙂
      Thanks again for such kind words


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