Echoes of Silence – Lexie & Killian

So here’s the news I’ve been itching to share with you all for the past month. First, I need to start by saying I hadn’t planned on writing this book. I was going to wait and give Lexie and Killian time to grow up and live life a little. Killian had other ideas. He may be a teenager but he’s still one heck of an alpha male. So because of this, Lexie and Killian are going to get two stories. Yes, two.

Echoes of Silence is YA. Another thing I hadn’t planned on. It is going to run alongside Out of the Ashes in plot, but we’ll see Lexie and Killian’s relationship grow and blossom. For those of you who have read Out of the Ashes, I’m sure you know it’s not a happy ending for them at the finish of the novel, hence them getting two books. I know this may be frustrating to some of you as this means Echoes will technically be a cliffhanger. I know that’s considered a dirty word to some in the romance world, but I promise you, Killian and Lexie will get their HEA. I just couldn’t not share the beauty of their relationship.

Echoes of Silence will be out on July 19th, 2016I don’t have a cover for you yet, but I do have a blurb…

People made love seem complicated. Intricate. Novels tried to capture its intensity, music tried to rein in its soul.
I read every novel I could. I lived and breathed every song that I could listen to. The sounds filled up my unquiet mind.

Then came him.


He brought with him the beauty of silence that echoed through my soul and showed me love wasn’t complicated. It was simple. Beautiful.

Some say love at first sight didn’t exist. That you couldn’t find your soul mate at sixteen years old. Those were people rooted in reality, chained to the confines of life that dictated how you were meant to think. Killian broke those chains. He broke everything. Shattered it so I could see that reality was overrated. That daydreams could somehow come to life.

My life tumbled into darkness in the time after I met him. So dark I thought I’d never see the light again. But he was always at my side. His life meant he knew how to navigate the dark. Lead me out.

I waded through the darkness with him at my side.

We’d be together forever, I was certain of that.

Until I wasn’t.
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8 thoughts on “Echoes of Silence – Lexie & Killian

  1. Can’t wait!!! Just discovered this series a few months ago & love all of the books but Lexie & Killian are the couple that intrigues me the most. I love that these are MC books & have violence & cursing & death & conflict but the couples stay strong & there’s never any of the manwhore sleeping around & cheating you find in a lot of the other MC books. And I KNOW most readers can agree with me on THAT! I can’t wait for Echoes of Silence & Lexie & Killian’s HEA!!!


    1. Lauren,
      Thanks so much for your message. I love that you enjoy my style of MC romance, I will never have cheating in my books you can rely on that. I can’t wait to share Killian and Lexie’s story with you.


  2. I’m counting the days till Killian and Lexis story comes out. I’ve already kept the 19th free. Cant wait to read more about the free spirited, bookish Lexi and her dark, watchful Killian. I loved them both in Out of the Ashes. I have a feeling their story will supersede my expectations. And they will be my favourite couple. Thanks Anne for not keeping us waiting.


    1. Hey Dani,
      Thanks so much for your message, I’m so glad you love Killian and Lexie so much. I kinda love them too, hence them getting two books 😉 Hope you enjoy Echoes of Silence…not long now!


  3. Already awaiting the release of the next book in this series!!! Please don’t keep me waiting. Love all your books. Nice work!


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