The Vein Chronicles

The Vein Chronicles is my first paranormal series. Paranormal romance was always my first love so I’m kind of living my dream by introducing Fatal Harmony to my book family. I had so much fun writing a strong female character who is snarky, sarcastic and a little bad ass. I want to be Isla when I grow up. I wouldn’t even mind the fangs, especially when  eternal youth is thrown in. Plus she’s got some total hunky men in her undeath. I’m planning on giving Isla a lot of books and also writing for the characters introduced along the way. So be prepared for a long and dark ride 😉

Fatal Harmony is the first book in the series and comes out on January 31st 2017. A warning, this one comes with a cliffhanger, but I’m already writing book two and I won’t keep you waiting too long.



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